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Rudeboy Releases Debut Album ‘Rudykillus’

Rudeboy features no one on this album

Fans have been waiting anxiously for Nigerian veteran singer-songwriter Paul Okoye popularly known as Rudeboy to release his latest body of work, ‘Rudykillus’.

The singer dropped the 12-track new album in the early hours of today, intimating fans of the new joint on his various social media handles.

‘Rudykillus’ is his debut solo album, coming as a big surprise. However, the veteran singer has been keeping everyone in anticipation of the album.

There are interesting tracks like ‘Nowhere To Go’, ‘Ayoyo’, ‘Fall in Love’, ‘Broke Land’, ‘Something Must Kill A Man’ and others for people to enjoy.

As he already stated, Rudeboy features no one on this album. All twelve tracks are solely his sweat. That’s amazing, seeing what collaborations do now in the music industry.

His brother, Mr. P (Peter Okoye) earlier released an album ‘The Prodigal’ back in April.

Two producers were responsible for this album; Chrisstringz produced nine tracks on the album, the other three were produced by Sele B, Orbeat, and Lordsky.