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Davido Talks Collaboration with Nicki Minaj, Others


DJ Carisma of Power 106 Los Angeles hooked up with Davido recently for an interview, and the music powerhouse stated that he’s still looking forward to working with other artists we aren’t thinking about.

Davido started by saying that African music, which had been around a long time was not given the due honor it deserved.

“As I said, African music has been here for years, for decades, we were not really appreciated,” Davido claims.

He went on to talk about his formative years, the good old days when Akon tried to spotlight African music to the world.

Davido said he could see it better because he grew up in the United States. He was born in Atlanta and was educated there.

There’s the mention of Shopping Spree, Davido’s latest single featuring Chris Brown. to that, Davido gave much credit to Brown, saying he appreciated him for having the same belief with on the projects. “I believe he’s African like me, to me we’re all Africans,” Davido said.

On working with Nicki Minaj, Davido said he’s never met her.

“I was on Instagram, I just had a show, I got home and was listening to the music. And I was like Nicki would kill this. Randomly, her feed just came up on Instagram, and I just DM her and she replied. I sent the song to her and she sent it back in like two days.”

The song is titled ‘Holy Ground’.

He also revealed how he met up with Hitboy and Nas.

The 2020 lockdown caught Davido at home in Nigeria, and that helped him to work on his new album.

Carisma referred to Davido as “The great Davido,” “International Superstar” in recognition of his about a decade contribution to the music industry.

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