Lanrey – Oyinmomo

I am old enough to understand that this life is as good as borrowed. A privilege no one prayed for or deserves. Another good morning as if it is a normal thing yet some don’t get to hear such greetings anymore because they are gone from this world. One day this borrowed life will be taken by the giver no matter how happily or how sadly we lived. No matter how well or otherwise we used the gift or whether we still need the life or not.

Every passing moment is golden and so precious to me that I feel so blessed to be alive to enjoy God every new dawn. Such sweetness from the Sovereign God to a mere mortal. Ask me how I feel about God… He is OYINMOMO…regardless of my life’s experience, Be it bitter or sweet, God still remains ‘OYINMOMO’ in ways incomprehensible.” – Lanrey

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Written by misbeebee

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